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About Us

We are a non-profit organization, established in April 2017, with the mission of empowering women and  preventing endanger situations in Juarez City.​

Our vision is to make CMUR (Resilient Women's Correspondent), a group with professional and humanitarian recognition, that transcends borders for the excellence in its work through resilient actions.

A Resilient Woman has human capacity to resist difficult and traumatic difficulties, overcoming and facing them to emerge stronger than before.

Our Objectives:


Empower women in Juarez City.



1. Expand access to different channels of information.

2. Improve the emotional health of women in Juarez City.

We believe that women

deserve to live violence free.

Our Mission

Empower women to prevent

endanger situations in Juarez City.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Becoming a group with professional and humanitarian recognition that transcends borders.

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